Food Vacuum Heat Shrink Bag
  • Food Vacuum Heat Shrink BagFood Vacuum Heat Shrink Bag

Food Vacuum Heat Shrink Bag

Bimashi, a trusted manufacturer headquartered in China, excels in crafting Food Vacuum Heat Shrink Bags. Our shrink barrier bags not only enhance the visual appeal beyond standard vacuum bags but also tightly conform to the product being wrapped, ensuring a professional presentation. By employing a vacuum chamber, oxygen is efficiently removed from the bag before sealing, effectively extending the shelf life of products and guaranteeing secure packaging for transportation and storage. Quality manufacturing processes are paramount at Bimashi, as we strive to consistently meet stringent standards.

Bimashi Food Vacuum Heat Shrink Bags are designed for packaging of fresh meat, meat with bones, poultry, cheese and other products.

Packaging into shrink bags is one of the most effective packaging solutions. It helps to achieve long shelf-life of the product as well as the nice shelf appearance.

Shrink barrier bags – packaging solution, which ideally suits for packaging of products with not constant shape and sizes.

This product also available as a shrink tubing.

Product Specification:

Product Name

Food Vacuum Heat Shrink Bag




7 Layer Coextruded

Thickness Range


Width Range


Length Range


Seal Type

Curved bottom seal,straight bottom seal


Clear or Customized

Shrink Rate

30% at 90°C


●  very high oxygen barrier

●  high shrinkage values excellent puncture resistance

●  overlapping seal

●  very high sealing seam strength

●  excellent transparency and high gloss

Typical Usage and Applications

●  Fresh and Processed Meats

●  Packaging of large pieces of meat for transport/export

●  Block Cheeses

●  Block Hams

●  Sausages, Salami and Cold Cuts

●  Semi-finished products

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