Meat Packaging Nylon Vacuum Bag
  • Meat Packaging Nylon Vacuum BagMeat Packaging Nylon Vacuum Bag

Meat Packaging Nylon Vacuum Bag

Bimashi is a China manufacturer producing Meat Packaging Nylon Vacuum Bag.These high durable vacuum pouches shield food from freezer burn and dehydration, keeping food fresh up to 5x longer. BPA-free and FDA approved, our Nylon/Polyethylene pouches are true to dimension and can be frozen, refrigerated, microwaved, boiled, or cooked sous vide! Clarity and high gloss ensure that vacuum packaged items are visible through the bag.

Bimashi Vacuum Pouches are a flexible, versatile packaging option for food and non-food items. They provide superior abrasion and puncture resistance while maintaining optimum freshness. Moreover, they can withstand various types of heat treatment, such as boiling, microwave, and freezing.

The Vacuum Pouches are made from high quality material, which is resistant to air and water. This ensures the safety of the product. The pouches are also a great choice for packaging sharp or pointed products. They are also excellent at preventing the growth of bacteria.

Product Specification:

Product Name

Meat Packaging Nylon Vacuum Bag

Available Material



7&9 Layer Coextruded

Thickness Range


Width Range


Length Range

Up to 2000mm

Seal Type

1 Bottom Seal(Tubular)




Surface Printing

Why Vacuum Pack?

There are may benefits to vacuum packing your products these include.

●  Increased shelf life

●  Improve shelf appeal

●  Protect against contact and contamination

●  Guard against product degrading and prevent oxidisation

●  Protection from the growth of microorganisms

●  Removes all atmospheric oxygen

●  Limit the growth of fungi and aerobic bacteria

●  Prevention of the evaporation of volatile components

Product Features of Meat Packaging Nylon Vacuum Bag

●  Low oxygen and moisture permeability, good moisture resistance, electrostatic dissipation,  high tensile strength and puncture resistance.

●  Effective vacuuming with high transparency.

●  Easy heat sealing with good seal integrity.

●  Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties to maximize product shelf life

●  These vacuum bags are suitable only for vacuum chamber machines

●  Designed for customers in food processing and other critical industries

●  BPA free,safe for use in direct contact with food.

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