PA PE Oxygen Barrier Thermoforming Film
  • PA PE Oxygen Barrier Thermoforming FilmPA PE Oxygen Barrier Thermoforming Film

PA PE Oxygen Barrier Thermoforming Film

Bimashi manufactures PA PE Oxygen Barrier Thermoforming Film using rapid quenching technologies, employing the cold water method for production.

Bimashi high qualiuty PA PE Oxygen Barrier Thermoforming Film have a wide range of gauges designed for different forming depth requirements. The aggressive sealant is used to enhance film seal-ability for high speed packaging process. Easy peel sealant is readily avail-able.Bimashi offers excellent products at competitive pricing, thus established it's solid supplier position in global market.

Top and bottom co-extruded PA/PE thermoforming barrier films, with or without top web peel lids, for wrapping and preserving food. Easy peelable films developed with high puncture resistance and optimum thickness protect food during distribution and transportation, ensuring maximum shelf-life. BIMASHI films provide excellent clarity, glossiness, and stiffness, also enhance pack shape and appearance.



PA PE Oxygen Barrier Thermoforming Film









Drawing Depth

Up to 10cm


●  Provides consistent easy-to-peel opening of packages

●  Superior clarity

●  Strong co-extruded composition


●  Excellent film-tracking characteristics

●  Special order widths available with minimal lead times

●  BPA Free


●  Fresh meat and meat products

●  Fresh fish and fish products

●  Dairy products

●  Bakery products

●  and others

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