Vacuum Rollstock Thermoforming Film
  • Vacuum Rollstock Thermoforming FilmVacuum Rollstock Thermoforming Film

Vacuum Rollstock Thermoforming Film

The Bimashi Thermoforming film products include standard high barrier flexible top and bottom webs, high quality Vacuum Rollstock Thermoforming Film. And, with the availability of customisable top webs as well as printed bottom webs, branding and product information creates an attractive and informative way to sell your product on the shelf.

Bimashi Thermoforming films are designed for durable Vacuum Rollstock Thermoforming Film that require long shelf life. For modified atmosphere and vacuum applications we recommend to use films with barrier properties.

Thermoforming films offer a cost-effective way to Vacuum Rollstock Thermoforming Film on the line, horizontally forming the pack, filling it and then sealing it. This option can be revolutionary for a growing business that needs to deliver products to a wider market and still maintain shelf-life.

Get your Vacuum Rollstock Thermoforming Film to the shelves with ease using the thermoforming films that are easy to transport and great for inline packing when shipping. Plus, the light-weight film’s easy and efficient transport needs help to reduce CO2 emissions.



Vacuum Rollstock Thermoforming Film









Drawing Depth

Up to 10cm


●  Pasteurisable high barrier films

●  Up to 11 layers for excellent puncture resistance

●  Barrier properties adjustable to product needs

●  Peelable options available

●  Downgauging potential

●  Various colours available (standard blue, yellow, brown)

●  Recyclable options under development


●  Fresh meat and meat products

●  Fresh fish and fish products

●  Dairy products

●  Bakery products

●  and others

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